Proofreading is a careful reading of a document to detect and eliminate errors in punctuation, spelling, and grammar.  It also verifies different elements of layout such as headlines, illustrations, defined terms, cross-references, citations, color, fonts, and paragraphs. Proofreading is not just casting a glance over the written document but also require strong concentration to focus on language and layout. A professional proofreading service provider has the talent of spotting the error which the writer never recognizes. Grammatical or typographical errors can cause embarrassment as well as harm. These types of errors cause students to score low, retailers to suffer a loss in sales, companies to lose investors and much more. A proofreader’s only objective is to hunt down and correct errors. A text or document looks excellent and accurate only when it is free from errors and mistakes. Alpha Academic writing service has always helped the writers by providing the best online proofreading services.

Why do we need professional Proofreading services?

Proofreading is one of the most critical investigation of the writing work. It is very much essential to use the professional proofreading services to increase the authenticity of your article. A student in the academic life always requires doing a different kind of writing work. In that process, they require to proofread the document every time and due to some lack of knowledge about grammatical and other technical aspects students usually required professional proofreading service providers who can provide best proofreading services. There are different writings that student requires in the academics. For all kinds of writing they require to proofread them, for that they need to hire some different professional proofreading service providers who can provide different academic proofreading service such as essay proofreading service, book proofreading service, paper proofreading services and other different types of proof reading services. Before hiring a proof reading service provider, it is always essential to check with the best proof reading service reviews.

Proofreading is not an expense, it’s an investment. The essential stage of any writing process is proofreading. Proofreading should never be overlooked because without having best proof reading services one might produce a poorly presented piece of work. Professional proofreading service providers serve in different types of proof reading services such as paper proofreading services, essay proofreading service, book proofreading service and much more. The Professional Proofreading service providers ensure that the document is clearly and interestingly presented by eliminating grammatical and other technical errors and clarifying the writing with their authentic and professional proofreading services. Correctly and clearly written document helps to convey thoughts and information appropriate when it is proofread by the professional proofreading and editing services provider. Spotting error is not an easy task; student requires proofread text word by word to ensure that nothing misses with the help of professional proofreading and editing services providers who has the high proofreading service reviews. It is most important to ensure before hiring any proof reading service provider that it should possess best professional proof reading service reviews. Proofreading involves correction of small errors, it does not require rewriting. We here provide professional proofreading service to help out students, professors, writers or anyone who is in need. The aim of our proofreading and editing service is to spot and correct errors in:

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Typography
  • Punctuation
  • Format anything missed at the editing stage
  • Use of language style

You are so much familiar with your text that you see what you expected rather than what you actually wrote. Due to this reason, it becomes difficult to detect an error in your own piece of work. This is one of the reasons that don’t allow you to proofread your own work.  It is a good decision to take the help of online proofreading services to proofread your work; this will surely give best results.  You can easily take the help of our proofreading and editing services by visiting our proofreading services online portal.

Why Alpha Custom writing services?

If you are good with words but your writing doesn’t get the message across as clearly as possible, or if it has any spelling or grammatical mistakes, it immediately loses credibility. Our professional proofreading service is always available here to assist you.

Effective proofreading requires a right frame of mind. Our profession proofreading service is for students, professors, researchers, post-doctoral researchers, business customers and the one who needs best proofreading services.  We have experienced and certified professionals who are passionate about fixing and improving client’s documents by serving them with best proofreading services. Our proofreading and editing services deals in every field whether it is Psychology, Medical, Management, Technology or Transportation. You can make research papers, Ph.D. theses, dissertations, journal articles, essays, books, and other professional documents, such as research proposals proofread easily through our online proofreading services. Our professional proofreaders are well trained from recognized institutes and hold all the excellent qualities that a proofreader should have. We have a team of professional proofreaders who possess outstanding qualities like:

  • Knowledge of English
  • Good judgment
  • Specialist knowledge
  • Knowledge of production process
  • Proofreading Experience
  • Excellent Communication skill
  • Well trained
  • Punctuality

 In our proofreading service, we never make assumptions regarding the missing content of the document. If our professional proofreaders are not sure about the thoughts what the writer wants to express, our proofreaders inquires about it, rather than proceeding and amending it wrongly. We have proofread academic and scientific documents for students and lecturers of various universities. We provide best proofreading service which helps our customers to enhance their document.

In terms of proofreading our experts especially emphasize on the following points:

  • Unfinished sentences or combining them incorrectly with the following sentence.
  • Usage of comma, colon, semicolon and dash correctly.
  • Misuse or omission of the possessive apostrophe.
  • Distinction between plurals, possessives and contractions.
  • Paragraphs
  • Spelling errors
  • Usage of tenses consistently and according to convention.
  • Following the conventions for capitalization.
  • Making appropriate word choices.
  • Avoiding split infinitives.
  • Subject – verb agreement
  • Noun-pronoun agreement

The first concern of academic writing, scientific writing or manuscript is producing sound and engaging content.  The language of the written content should be clear to communicate the information effectively. Tables, graphs and figures must be well designed to present complicated data. Referencing must be accurate and in perfect style. The document with spelling errors, wrong word choice, grammatically incorrect, problem in punctuations and English usage makes the content impassive towards a reader. Alpha custom writing services provides you best proofreading service which helps you in making your document error free and presentable. You can easily avail our proofreading and editing services to show your true potential.

Our Quality Proofreaders

Our team of professional proofreaders involves two steps for proofreading.

  • The professional proofreader reviews the client’s document and searches for an error in grammar, punctuation, spelling English usage and word choice. After reviewing, proofreader corrects all errors, inserts better words which enhances the clarity of the document.
  • By examining the paper our professional proofreaders ensure that the content is logically organized and presented.

We don’t believe in technical tools that provide spelling and grammar checks. Our team of qualified proofreaders is well educated and has a vast experience in this particular field. To make your document more lucrative we follow some basic fundamentals:

  • Don’t rely entirely on a spelling checker tool: Our professional proofreaders do not believe in spell checkers or grammar checker tools. These tools are far from foolproof. Spell checker tools have a limited dictionary so we can’t rely on them. In addition, these tools do not detect misspellings that can easily form another word.
  • Grammar checkers can be even more problematic: We don’t trust in Grammar checkers. Because these tools have a limited number of rules, so are not capable of identifying each and every error. Grammar checkers are not able to provide thorough explanations to help you understand the reason behind the incorrect sentence.
  • Proofread for only one kind of error at a time: Trying to identify all the kinds of errors at the same time will always be ineffective as it lacks focus. In order to avoid this we follow strict guidelines of professional reading and work in process because we believe in quality work.

These above qualities make us best proofreading service provider. The proofreading process becomes more efficient by developing and practicing on a regular basis. Our organization is designed such that proofreader will not indulge in any activity other than proofreading. Our proofreading services have helped students of various countries by providing special proofreading services.

Our professional proofreaders are inherited with the specific qualities that a proof-reader must possess:

  • Language skills: Proofreaders of Alpha custom writing services have the knowledge of  language beyond the professional translators to provide best proof reading services to our valuable customer at cheap proofreading service cost.
  • Concentration power: To check the small errors in spellings or grammar, proofreader must have excellent concentration power. Lack of concentration may result to miss errors which can decrease the quality of the document.
  • Focus towards work: If the proofreader is physically present but mentally absent, then its result is always erroneous. While checking the documents our professional proofreaders are always careful so that there is no overseeing of any shortcomings in the document.

You can easily take benefit of our professional proofreading and copy editing services from this website.

The students’ academic assignment, project or thesis takes months of hard work. As we all know that the first impression is the last one. So, students have to present their document in a professional manner by ensuring that it is proofread and edited by a professional proofreader. Our professional proofreading services for students help students by delivering quality documents on time. Our proofreading and editing services includes formatting of the general style of the document, on-screen language editing, and checking for consistency. Lecturers who have completed the content of the article and are still struggling to get the article published in a professional journal can easily benefit from our online proofreading services and get assistance regarding layout and formatting required for professional publication.

How our professional proofreaders work?

Proofreading is expected to be consistently accurate because it is the last stage of typographic production before submission or publication.  Our proofreaders are specialized in providing proofreading and copy-editing services. We not only deal with academic proofreading services, but also provide proofreading services for business plans, curriculum vitae, and professional documents. By following our core values and principles we are always punctual to provide best proofreading services. Our proofreaders are customer oriented and always perform their level best to provide satisfaction to the customers. To provide best proofreading services, our proofreaders work in scheduled order. To make proofreading done in well and organized manner our team of proofreaders follows these basic steps:

  • Compares document with an edited copy or previous proofs.
  • If required, “Blind proofreading” i.e. proofreading without reference to copy is done.
  • Checks accuracy and consistency of text, design and topography.
  • Marking amendments by using special symbols and applying color coding to differentiate errors.
  • Only if requested, marks proof by using special software in electronic form.
  • Follows the style guide provided by the client.
  • Considers the implications of any changes.
  • Checks out the layout which should be always pleasing and arranged.
  • Coordinates with the client to resolve queries.

If you need the best proofreading service for your paper at a competitive price, we can help you by providing cost efficient and cheap proofreading service. You can easily take the benefits of professional proofreading service by contacting us. Our teams of professional proofreaders are active 24/7 reviewing your written English and making sure your work is presented clearly and concisely.

Our services

We completely proofread the manuscript and fix all the errors to make it first-rate. We also offer professional proofreading services for students as well as for professionals. We provide proofreading service in all academic disciplines, as well as to professionals and businesses, and make your work achieve its true potential. Our academic proofreading services are available in every domain, whether it is scientific, literature, business plans, medical and much more. The one in need of proofreading service can easily take benefit of our below mentioned professional proofreading services:

  • Academic proofreading
  • Word press proofreading
  • Dissertation proofreading
  • Medical proofreading
  • Essay proofreading
  • Thesis proofreading
  • Legal proofreading
  • Website proofreading
  • Book and manuscript proofreading
  • Google docs proofreading
  • Paper proofreading

Our proofreaders carry immense knowledge and experience in this field which makes them perfect for proofreading. The trust our clients have built with us is only because of our best proofreading services. Our online proofreading service makes it easy for you to directly contact us; this saves a lot of time. Our fascinating and lucrative qualities that make us different from other professional proofreading service provider are:

  • Real proofreading: We don’t believe in spelling checkers or grammar checking because they are not reliable. So we prefer to have an educated, highly qualified, good intellectual and experienced person. Our proofreaders have previously worked in well-reputed companies and carry a minimum experience of 10 years.
  • Correct grammar and spelling: It’s the basis of proofreading.  Our proofreaders do a single task at a time, i.e. if he checks grammatical errors then he will clear all issues regarding this. After that, he will go for different tasks, whether it be formatting or another task
  • Logical structure: Our team of professional experts constructs and formulates a perfectly logical structure of the client’s document.
  • Perfect topography: Many people rely on spelling checkers, but this is not the genuine tool to completely rely upon. Spelling checker tools have a limited dictionary, so these are not able to use a suitable word according to the sentence.
  • Round the clock availability: We have online proofreading services, which are available 24*7 to proof read your document and return back in minimum possible time.
  • Premium quality: We have been receiving excellent reviews from our previous clients; this won’t be possible without the dedicated hard work of our proofreaders. We also have a team of quality auditors who checks the proofread document.
  • Affordable prices: In terms of prices our proofreading services are cost efficient. We provide cheap proofreading service for our clients. We have special proofreading services for students, which presents good benefits to them. We have some special discounts and coupons for our academic proofreading services such as essay proofreading service, paper proofreading service, and book proofreading services for students as we understand that they have limited money.
  • Fast service: Depending upon the turnaround time we have different categories of services. Our fast service helps you by providing the proofreading within a short period of time. Our online proofreading services are fast and efficient that will help you to save your time as well as money.
  • Free samples: You can take benefit of our free sample service by sending a one-page excerpt from your paper, and our expert editors will return an error free and improved text to you. We are positive that you will be delighted with our work.
  • Quality guarantee: If you are not satisfied with our quality of work, we are here to provide you a free re-proofreading or refund.
  • Special request: We also provide special services according to the demand of the client.

 Our team of professional proofreaders is active 24/7 reviewing your written document and making sure your work is presented clearly and concisely. Our proofreading services rates are cheap and quite flexible that makes you take benefit of our proof reading service.

Our experience

We have been providing professional proofreading services from last 10 years across the globe. Our team of experienced and professional proofreaders have proofread over thousands of documents for several clients across the globe. Receiving such a good number of positive reviews for proofreading signifies our merit in professional proofreading services. Our proofreading and editing services improve the written English which is necessary for making your document concise and clear. You can contact us and feel free to ask any query, we are available round the clock to explain all aspects and details of your order.